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Facility Fund


This TFL Naming facility is a program that can be set up for corporate or people of prominence, whether living (or dead). This includes a fellowship fund of $40,000 annually serving 270 students.  Name sections of buildings such as; classroom, library, auditorium, play area /sports courts, science labs or other spaces within school facilities under a glass plaque with nominee name.

Educators Training Fund


The “Educators Training” Fund is a program where with USD 80,000, corporations or individuals can choose to support the full costs of a 6-week training program for TFL educators. Theoretical and practical training of 70 youth prior to Fellowship serving 400+ underprivileged Lebanese and refugee children, the summer school provides students with an educative, entertaining, and safe space during the summer to support the students’ academic progress for better achievements during the next academic year. The summer school aims to develop the students’ skills and talents through their participation in various activities such as in acting, singing, drawing, reciting poetry, writing sketches and songs reflecting core values of civic education.

Spark with Us Fund


Spark with US is a program whereby corporate or individuals can show they are supporting our fellows and students throughout sponsoring a monthly development workshop or training and name it under their identity for the cost of USD 10,000 per one-day workshop.

Future Generation Fund


The Future Generation Giving Fund is a program whereby employees/ individuals can better serve their community to participate in employer-sponsored payroll deduction on monthly basis. Alternatively, companies can join with the employees to further support fellows by matching the employees’ donations. The cost covers the education of one child is 15 USD per month.

Classroom Fund


The Classroom Fund is a gift program whereby corporate or individuals can support students to cover the cost of activities after school whereas donor could send a gift card in the name of a person. For a company, this would cost USD 10,000 USD for one month of after-school activities for one classroom. The donor can choose the school of his choice. Staff of the corporate can be engaged to volunteer at the school. All activities are provided twice per week for 2 hours only.The Classroom fund is diversified as follows in USD for individual donors:

- Super Heroes support the activities of 120 students - 5,000 
- Ground breakers support the activities of 60 students - 2,500 
- Star Chaser support the activities of 30 students - 1,500 
- Dreamers support the activities of 20 students - 1,000 
- Adventurers support the activities of 10 students - 500 

Where We Work

Antelias Public School

Mount Lebanon- Antelias

Number of fellows: 1

students: 600

refugees: 600

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -