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Recruitment: Recruit talented Fellows with core competencies to improve student achievement.
Training: Provide Fellows with training and professional development.
School Placement: Place Fellows for a minimum of two years in full-time teaching positions in underprivileged regions.
Ongoing Support: Provide support to alumni & Fellows (capability building programs, career guidance, job placement). Alumni are entitled to continue their graduate studies through scholarships provided by partner universities. Maximize Fellows’ support: school visits and additional training.
Measuring Impact: Continuously measure the impact of the program on student achievement, social behavior and the community at large.

We provide Students with a safe environment for quality learning.
We provide Fellows with training, ongoing support and monthly professional development workshops to promote leadership in Lebanon. Fellows are placed for a minimum of two years in full-time teaching positions in underprivileged regions to provide children with quality education and extracurricular activities.
We provide Alumni with opportunities to thrive as ongoing learners and advocates for quality education. Alumni are entitled to continue their graduate studies through scholarships provided by partner universities.

Where We Work

Antelias Public School

Mount Lebanon- Antelias

Number of fellows: 1

students: 600

refugees: 600

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -